This course provides a chronological introduction to the history of Western art from the early Renaissance to the present day. It explores critically the major movements that shaped art throughout these periods. (Format: Lecture 3 Hours) (Distribution: Arts-a) (Exclusion: FINA 2011; FINH 2011) Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 to 2:20PM Sir James Dunn Building 108.
This course examines contemporary art and architecture since 1970 and focuses on themes including the body and identity. Topics include naturally, and culturally, constructed bodies, gender identity, sexual identities, ethnic bodies, abject bodies, and political and religious identities. This course will include art in a variety of media including the bodies of humans and animals, painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, photography, printmaking, architecture, textiles, film, video, and performance art. (Format: Lecture 3 Hours) (Exclusion: FINA 3071) Monday and Wednesday 1:30 to 2:50PM Sir James Dunn Building 108.

A senior seminar on Curating Art. Students learn the processes of curating from a critical, informed perspective.