This course introduces the core principles of the discipline of gender analysis and women-centered research and surveys key issues in current Womens and Gender Studies scholarship, including: social construction of sex, gender, race and sexuality; body politics; gender subordination; womens activism; and social change initiatives. (Format: Lecture/Tutorial 3 Hours) (Distribution: Social World-a) (Exclusion: WGST 2001) Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 to 12:50PM Crabtree M14.
This course examines theories of gender and power in society as well as feminist critiques and strategies relating to the construction of knowledge through research. Addressing both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, it explores distinctive paradigms and perspectives, including feminist empiricism, standpoint theories, intersectionality, post-modernism, and transnationalism. Highlighting relevant contemporary issues and debates, it introduces the methods, techniques, and ethics involved in research. Both theoretical and practical approaches inform the assessment and development of feminist research design and gender analysis. (Format: Lecture/Tutorial 3 Hours)(Exclusion: WGST 3001; WGST 3021) Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 to 3:50PM Sir James Dunn Building 106.