This course examines human bodies in historical and contemporary socio-political contexts, investigating gender and embodiment both as an expression of individual identity and a production of complex social processes. Drawing upon scholarship on body politics in the interdisciplinary fields of Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, it explores how bodies are simultaneously gendered, raced, classed, sexualized, and politicized through interpersonal, social, and institutional processes, including culture, science, medicine, and globalization. (Format: Lecture/Tutorial 3 Hours) Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 to 12:50PM Avard Dixon G12.
This course focuses on the relationship between scientific institutions and communities that are marginalized by gender, race, colonialism, class, disability and other social markers. The structural forces that contribute to exclusion and the effects of being seen as an object of scientific inquiry will be explored through feminist intersectional and decolonial approaches to the practices of scientific knowledge production. Finally, this course will address current efforts to create a more inclusive scientific community. 

This course studies selected contemporary issues of feminism and gender in a global context. It focuses on issues such as gender and social movements, politics of difference, theory and praxis debates, anti-feminist backlash, women and social change, femininities and masculinities, and feminist explorations of the body. (Format: Seminar 3 Hours) (Exclusion: WOST 4001) Monday 1:30 to 4:20PM Avard Dixon 230.