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This course either focuses on topics not covered by the current course offerings in a department or program or offers the opportunity to pilot a course that is being considered for inclusion in the regular program. [Note 1: Prerequisite set by the Department/Program when the topic and level are announced. Note 2: When a Department or Program intends to offer a course under this designation, it must submit course information, normally at least three months in advance, to the Dean. Note 3: Students may register for ANTH 4991 more than once, provided the subject matter differs.] (Format: Variable) Wednesday 2:30 to 5:20PM Barclay 217.
This course introduces the major fields of anthropology (physical,archaeological, linguistic and cultural) and the major domains of cultural and social anthropology (types of society, social change,and political, economic, kinship and religious institutions). (Format: Lecture 3 Hours) Distribution: Social World) Tuesday and Thursday 2:30 to 3:50PM Sir James Dunn Building 113.