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This course uses ethnographic materials to explore the meanings and central processes of globalization as a force in reshaping social and cultural life everywhere. Particular concerns include the relationship between globalization, inequality and poverty, the fate of cultural diversity in a globalizing world, and issues of gender, ethnicity, the environment, social justice, and human rights. (Format: Seminar 3 Hours) Wednesday 1:30 to 4:20PM Hart Hall 319.
This course presents an anthropological analysis of verbal and non-verbal systems of communication as well as the influence of language on human cognition. The aim is to develop an understanding of the role of bodily movements, facial expressions, and the use of personal space and symbolic gestures in the communicative process. (Format: Lecture 3 Hours) (Exclusion: ANTH 3231) Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 to 11:20AM Ralph Pickard Bell Library 316.