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FIHN 3061 is a course devoted to the formal and historical study of American and European art made between the years 1940 and 1970. Movements that will be examined include Abstract Expressionism, Art Informel, Neo-Dada, Pop Art, Minimalism, Fluxus, Underground and Structural Cinema, Happenings and Performance Art, and Conceptual Art. A variety of media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, film, assemblages, installation, and performance, will be considered. Our study will be framed by the discourse of modernism, with particular emphasis on the concepts “avant-garde” and “kitsch.” Questions of gender, sexuality, politics, authorship, and consumerism will be raised and explored. Close analysis of individual works will be supplemented by relevant critical readings, both past and present.
Format: Lecture 3 Hours.
Tuesday and Thursday 11:30AM to 12:50PM.
Sir James Dunn Building, 108.
This course examines the art museum within contemporary society. It considers the history and future shape of the museum, and examines current practice, issues, and debate. It includes topics such as: the politics of the museum; its history and discourse; curatorial practice and the development of exhibitions; the museum and its publics; museums and new media; collections; and issues of artistic freedom and censorship. (Format: Seminar 3 Hours) Friday 11:30 to 2:20PM Purdy Crawford Centre 103.
This course focuses on the cultural, historical, and critical contexts of art. It thematically explores aspects of visual art, material culture, art markets, museum studies, repatriation, and issues around decolonization, all within a broader study of art history and visual culture. (Format: Lecture 3 Hours)(Exclusion: Any version of FINH 2111 previously offered with a different title) Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 to 2:20PM Sir James Dunn Building 108.