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This course explores culture and society through the lenses of the social sciences (politics, economics, sociology, geography, environmental studies, gender studies, commerce, and international relations), asking the question: how can we interpret and understand the world around us? The course is designed to foster interdisciplinary analysis, helping students see connections between their courses, and the relevance of their studies to global issues and topics. Intended for first-year students, this course aims to help students transition to university-level work in the social sciences, and supports students as they develop healthy and productive work habits, study skills, information management tools, and research and writing skills. This course includes readings, lectures, small group workshops, and experiential learning components.

This course focuses on a topic not covered by the current course offerings in a department or program. [Note 1: Prerequisite set by the Department/Program when the topic and level are announced. Note 2:When a Department or Program intends to offer a course under this designation, it must submit course information, normally at least three months in advance, to the Dean. Note 3: Students may register for UNST 1991/2991/3991/4991 more than once, provided the subject matter differs.] (Format: Variable) Wednesday 12:30 to 3:30PM Crabtree M2.